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10 Myhof Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
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021 683 2670
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South Africa’s best indoor karting venue.

This is Indoor Kart Racing – South Africa’s most accessible, inexpensive, mega-excitement sport. The adrenaline rush of racing a high-tech kart at high speed around a twisty racetrack as you jostle for position against other drivers can only be duplicated in sports such as bungi jumping and skydiving. Yet karting is a neighbourhood sport, easy to do and much less expensive than jumping off a bridge or out of an aircraft.

From a safety viewpoint, close supervision of all racing is strictly maintained to ensure that no dangerous driving takes place. Kenilworth Karting has an excellent safety record and a novice may venture onto the track without fear. Many ladies also race at Kenilworth Karting and our ladies lap record is only fractionally slower than the best time.

Some of the famous drivers who have enjoyed racing at our tight circuit include:
Sarel v/d Merwe, Ben Morgenhood, Shaun v/d Linde, Terry Moss, Chris Aberdeen and Mike Briggs.

Children Friendly: