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While terms like “green,” “natural,” and “eco-friendly” have become diluted today, we still believe in what they represent. At Cleangreen, we know that it’s possible to get rid of dust bunnies, soap scum, streaky glass and worse without using harsh and harmful ingredients that not only are proven to negatively affect human health and safety, but also do substantial damage to our water supply and environment – something that is very important on Cape Cod.
Cleangreen is more than a cleaning service – it’s an experience and a way of living. We are passionate about helping to create healthy lives for ourselves, our customers, our employees and our community. We believe that a healthy home (or office) makes for a healthy life, and that you shouldn’t have to choose between effective cleaning and your well-being.

The services we provide are only the beginning; through this website and our community involvement we hope to share with you our enthusiasm and knowledge about wellness, fitness, safe products and more.

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Upholstery, Carpet and Laundry
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