1. The Company

The Service Monkey (Pty) Ltd (otherwise referred to as “Service Monkey”, “our”, “us” or “we”) is a Website that offers visitors and users (otherwise referred to as “you”) of our Website the capacity to have recommended services for home maintenance and improvement at your fingertips. Services as well as user’s reviews are provided for the likes of electricians, plumbers, pavers, interior designers, home maintenance and many other home improvement services.

  1. Policy acceptance:

This is the Privacy Policy of Service Monkey as further explained and set out below.

All natural and juristic persons that access our Website are bound to this Privacy Policy which is valid, binding and enforceable. Consent to the Privacy Policy is given by you when entering this Website and making use of the applications and services provided, binding you to the Privacy Policy.

In order not to be bound by the Privacy Policy you would need to immediately exit the Website and not make any further use of the applications and services offered as further use will bind you to the Privacy Policy.

  1. Scope:

Our Website requires certain personal information to be disclosed in order for you to have full use of the applications and services offered. The Privacy Policy outlines the policies which govern our use and disclosure of personal information provided to us by you and others utilising our Website. Security of personal information supplied to us on our Website is of utmost importance and confidentiality is a key component and service of our Website.

  1. Information and our Website:

Personal information may be required of you when entering our Website or when using the applications and services on offer. This is requested in order to identify you as a user of our Website and provide you individual and personalised services or to put you in contact with service providers if so requested.

We do not require extensive personal information from you and only require basic information that includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  1. Your email address;
  2. A username (does not have to be then name in your Identity Document); and
  3. Create a password of your own choosing.

We request this information from you voluntarily when entering the Website or when making use of our applications or services.

  1. Information gathered from alternative sources:

Web design now makes use of technology such as web beacons and cookies in order to collect further information in order to offer better Website services to the user.

These technologies enable Web designers the ability to monitor the number of users such as yourself who enter a Website from other Websites as well as allowing them to monitor how many users enter subscriber’s (otherwise known as “service providers”) Websites from our Website to make use of their services. We may allow our subscribers to monitor user traffic amounts and which applications and services are most accessed and used on our Website.

In order to enable us to better assist you, cookies are utilised. These are small text files that are used by a majority of Websites on the internet today. The cookies are placed on your device when visiting Websites and are stored on your internet browser.

These cookies will store basic information about the Websites you visit and what you access on the internet. These cookies are then received back by our Website when you re- enter our Website. Your device would then be recognised by our Website from the cookies and our Website would then be able to improve and become more personalised to what services you are looking for and require.

If you do not want these cookies placed on your device or you want to limit, disallow or remove cookies, simply access the Help option on your toolbar of your internet browser on your device. There will be a step by step instruction on how to limit, receive notifications and disallow cookies. You are however advised that certain Websites may not allow you access to their Website if you disallow the use of cookies on your computer or other device.

  1. Third Party Information:

If you are entering our Website on behalf of another person in order to use the services and applications on offer on our Website, consent of the third party must be obtained by you prior to you providing such information on our Website, since certain personal information may be required.

  1. Security and Dispersal of information:

Our Privacy Policy is set out in order to safeguard your personal information in addition to the protection afforded by the Electronic Communication and Transactions Act, 25 of 2002.

Personal information provided to us on our Website is neither leased, rented, dispersed nor sold to any third party without your consent.

The only exception to this is if we are required by law to comply with legal requirements which obligate us to give up such personal information or, if so required by you, we may provide subscribers with your information in order for service providers to contact you directly.

You are reminded that the subscribers advertised on our Website are not associated with Service Monkey and we strongly recommend that you read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition of any subscribers whose services and products you wish to request.

You may contact the subscribers directly in order to discuss the specifications of the services required and provide further information we are not privy to or would not supply to them in terms of our Privacy Policy.

  1. Representatives on our behalf:

On occasion we employ third party vendors to carry out services on our behalf such as marketing, customer services and surveys in order to better streamline our Website in accordance to the needs of our users, and therefore authorisation is given to these third party vendors to collect information on our behalf.

Limited authorisation to your personal information is given to vendors in order to enable them to contact you and collect information they are mandated to collect. The vendors are prohibited from disclosing, sharing or using your information for any other purpose other than as mandated by us.

  1. Privacy for Minors:

Our Website is a general audience Website and is not directed to persons under the age of 13 (thirteen). Any personal information entered on our Website by a user identified as being under the age of 13 (thirteen) shall be deleted as soon as reasonably possible after we become aware thereof

  1. External Links:

Our Website may contain links to third party or subscribers’ websites which may collect information from you via web beacons and cookies. The Privacy Policy of such third party websites is not known to us, and you should be aware of the terms of any such policy.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Privacy Policy of the third party Website, since we do not accept any liability for any consequences flowing from any failure to read and adhere to any third party Privacy Policy.

  1. Users discretion:

Personal information supplied on our Website is at the discretion of the user. Personal Information may be required in order to make use of certain applications and services on our Website.

All information supplied to us on our Website can be updated, changed or removed. If at any time you require your personal information supplied to us to be removed from our active database, you may contact us directly. (See our “Contact Us” link)

  1. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to vary of modify this Privacy Policy. We will note the date that revisions were last made on the bottom of the page, and any subsequent revisions will take effect 14 (fourteen) days after date of posting. We will notify our members of material changes to this Privacy Policy by either sending a notice to the email address provided or by placing a notice on our Website.