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You know you offer a great service, so make sure more people know about it by signing up with ServiceMonkey. We are the trusted service provider site, where customers come to find great service.


 Customers come to ServiceMonkey looking for trusted businesses like yours. Instead of wasting money on advertising, place your business here and attract a broad range of customers.

  • A range of flexible cost options:

ServiceMonkey believes all service providers, no matter what their size, who offer great service should have a place on the site.

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Instead of searching for customers, they will come to you looking for the great service you offer

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We encourage happy customers to post reviews on ServiceMonkey, which will attract even more customers to your business

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Once you have registered, you will be provided with the ‘member of ServiceMonkey’ logo that you can place in your business, on your business cards or on your site

  • A recognition programme:

Service providers who consistently provide excellent service will be offered a place in our ‘Premium Provider’ programme to honour your service.What Servicemonkey offers you

We hope this never happens, as you will only be appearing on ServiceMonkey if we are confident you do offer great service. But should you deliver bad service, we will review the review and ensure you receive a copy of it. If the review is valid, it will go live.

We are not interested in companies that offer bad service. Should this happen, we will not renew their contract and they will no longer appear on the ServiceMonkey site.

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