Vision, Mission & Values


 “Connecting People, Growing Business, Changing our World”


We are an online business providing solutions to both the consumer and small business

located across all communities in South Africa.

We are a service-oriented company and differentiate ourselves by obtaining information

that will make it easy for consumers to select businesses they can trust.

We further bring value to businesses by sourcing leads that provide revenue opportunities.

We pride ourselves on engaging our business partners to pursue feedback from customers

that add value to future visitors to our business.

 12 Points of Culture/Values 

We care about the customer

We build trust

We provide service excellence

We embrace technology

We remain relevant in changing times

We invest in our brand 

We pursue simple solutions

We create happy encounters

We add value to their experiences

We grow goodness in our communities

We change perceptions, one job at a time

We create opportunities for all